ActionForums are reader rated discussion forums. They are structured to promote a productive dialogue by the rise of ideas with broad support. They make clear where agreement and disagreement lie. ActionForums support threads of comments and replies to comments ordered by the preference of the participants rather than chronologically. ActionForums are fair and non-partisan because they operate according to a content neutral set of rules, which are applied automatically.

ActionForum is a web-based environment that:
  • Encourages Dialogue
  • Builds Communities
  • Enables Collaboration
  • Identifies Areas of Consensus
  • Generates Reporting that gives the information you need to take an Action
ActionForum versus Discussion Groups:
- ActionForum gives you both the highest reader-rated and the most recent comments
- Traditional forums give you only the most recent discussion
- ActionForum first encourages participants to rate whether they agree with others' comments
-It is difficult to facilitate agreement in chronological forums
- ActionForum participants are then able to rate comments by their importance
- Often important ideas in traditional forums get lost in the crowd

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